One Step Re-Engineering

Staying competitive in your marketplace means you must constantly look inward and examine the opportunities to improve processes, systems and ultimately, results.

Outsourcing a business process is a quicker, more effective way of achieving the same, or even better, results as reengineering.

The Outsourcing Institute considers outsourcing to be a central management tool for the fundamental reengineering and reenergizing of businesses, and have found that accelerated reengineering benefits is one of the top ten reasons companies outsource non-core business processes.

Serving Up Quality

78% of facility managers agree that getting the correct level of service is the biggest challenge in their outsourcing initiative, according to IFMA’s Research Report #27

This statistic suggests significant gaps in outsourcing implementation. The most likely reasons for this problem include poorly defined service levels in the outsourcing contract, a performance issue with the service provider or ineffective management of the outsourced relationship.

Regardless of the root cause, the challenge identified by 78% of facility managers can be solved by defining service levels, implementing performance management and establishing effective contract management.

These three elements should be put in place before implementing an outsourcing relationship, but you can still implement them with your current service provider or plan them for the next renewal or re-tender. In fact, these techniques can even be applied to subcontracted and in-house services.