Customer Service

Customer service is just as important in an internal service delivery model as it is with externally facing services. It’s often even harder to achieve, however, and can have a significant impact on the customer satisfaction food chain, since what you deliver affects the productivity and success of those receiving your services.

Performance Management

Managing performance is the most important thing you can do to improve your service and processes. If you don’t measure results, you don’t have solid management information that enables you to make decisions and improvements that lead to your success. The problem is identifying the right measures that won’t drive the wrong behaviours and then…

Strategic Writing Workshop

Many FM and PM employees don’t have sufficient training in business writing skills. These skills are necessary to communicate clearly, influence decision making and persuade clients, colleagues and supervisors. While the mechanics of writing are important, an often overlooked skill is the ability to structure information in a clear, organized and focused method on paper so that it…

Outsourcing Decision

Outsourcing can be a viable business model. Your organization may or may not benefit from outsourcing, however your success depends on effective analysis, decision-making and implementation. We help you assess the benefits and identify the costs and risks of this important decision. The exercise can also help you identify what you can do internally instead…

Strategic Presentations Workshop

Presentations are necessary to communicate clearly, influence decision making and persuade clients, colleagues and supervisors. While the ability to stand in front of an audience is important to deliver the message, a well structured, effectively prepared presentation that gets the message across clearly is a pre-requisite for successful presentations. This workshop provides techniques for preparing…

Survey Development

We can help you develop survey questions that get the information you need to act on. Even if you don’t use our on-line survey tool, you can develop and administer surveys for a wide variety of purposes, including quality assurance, customer or tenant satisfaction, transaction satisfaction (i.e. work order or projects) and more.

On-Line Surveys

We can design surveys and administer them through SurveyFM for any of your survey needs, such as: • Customer / Tenant Satisfaction • Employee Satisfaction •Stakeholder Input for projects • Opinion Surveys Your surveys will be private and appear with your own branding. Our knowledge of the FM and PM industry enables us to develop…

Dealing with Customer Perception

Perception is one of the biggest hurdles when dealing with customers. Our customers see things differently based on their viewpoint or experiences, and their perception becomes hard to change.

The customer’s perception also dictates whether they think they are getting good customer service. While the old adage ‘The customer is always right’ can’t be taken literally, if you approach their perception as if it is true (i.e. that they are right), you will be in a better position to deal with it.