Update your Contract Management

Have you updated your contract management yet? Contract management is moving from legal terms and specifications to an important tool between you and your service provider to ensure success. I see a lot of old contracts still being used that are difficult to follow, are unclear on deliverables beyond technical specifications, don’t provide the purchaser…

Evaluating RFP Results

Evaluating RFP’s
Canadian Facility Management & Design

Michel identifies the key steps you should follow to effectively evaluate your RFP results, including evaluating the submission, using pricing submissions for analysis, assessing references effectively and preparing for presentations.

Are you a Leader?

Are You A Leader? Leadership isn’t reserved for the CEO of your company. Whether you recognize it or not, as a facility manager, you are in a leadership role. To effectively provide facility services, you have to take on a leadership role in the many areas you touch upon daily, whether it’s a current matter…