We can help you develop survey questions that get the information you need to act on. Even if you don’t use our on-line survey tool, you can develop and administer surveys for a wide variety of purposes, including quality assurance, customer or tenant satisfaction, transaction satisfaction (i.e. work order or projects) and more.

Using the right techniques and well developed questions that provide you with infomraiton you can actually use to make improvements or act upon, we will develop paper or telephone based questionnaries that work.

We’ve seen questions that don’t help or badly worded questions that almost direct the response to a negative result in past surveys. In addition, questions are not often asked with analysis and action in mind.

By developing an effective survey, you can get the information you need, even if you use a paper based survey or use telephone calls to get the results, such as for a project or transaction related survey.

Surveys can be easy to do and provide you with valuable information you can use to make strategic decisions.

Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs. In the mean time, please participate in the public surveys and polls available through the menu.