Satisfaction Surveys provide you with key information about your FM services to help you make decisions and improve services. Strategic Advisor develops and implements surveys for Facility and Property Managers. This includes Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Satisfaction surveys, Tenant opinion surveys and more.

Survey services include development of surveys, administration of on-line surveys and analysis of survey results, including help with action plans to address any issues that are raised.

Why Survey Occupants?

Surveys give you the informatin and facts you need to influence decision makers and make strategic decisions to improve results and succeed in your role.
Without input from the people you work hard to provide a productive environment for, you won’t have a complete picture.

We make it easy and ensure you get the information you need. And don’t be afraid of bad results. They will simply be amunintion you can use for resources or support you need to serve your company better.

Web Based Surveys

Surveys are hosed by our special FM survey and poll website, FMinsight and accessed through a direct link. The welcome page is customized to include your branding and message. The actual survey pages are clean and load quickly with easy navigation, flexible question formats and automatic compiling of results, making the data ready for analysis.

Survey Development

We can develop effective surveys for a wide variety of purposes, including quality assurance, tenant satisfaction, transaction satisfaction (i.e. work orders, projects)
Results are assured since we develop questions to meet your goals and provide you with information you can actually use to make improvements, take action and make strategic decisions.

Survey Administration

Your surveys appear with your own branding. We use a number of different survey techniques, including drop down lists, ranking, matching, importance scales and comment fields.Surveys are distributed through email with a web link, a link on your intranet page and even in paper format if needed.

Survey Analysis

Surveys are developed to enable analysis of the results and we provide the analysis with your input and help you develop communication plans, action plans or make strategic decisions.

As a Facility and Property Management Advisor and Consultant with extensive operational experience, we provide experienced insight into the survey and analysis, ensuring you don’t just end up with numbers – you also have information you can use to improve services and enhance efficiency in your operations.Our experience in Facility and Property Management ensures you get the best value from your survey initiative, whether it’s to solve a problem or demonstrate service quality to occupants and senior management.