Michel’s Books

Michel has written four books and has several more on the way.

While his main book is for Facility Managers who want to advance their career and shift towards leadership and management skills in the profession, Michel has written other books that are also important for the Facility Management profession, including suppliers and professionals.


Managing Facilities & Real Estate

Written for Facility Managers, this 530 page book focuses on strategy, management and leadership so FM’s can leverage their existing technical experience and knowledge.

Michel was awarded the Distinguished Author award by IFMA in 2010 for this book.

Managing Facilities and Real Estate has become increasingly complex.Facility and Property Management is a profession that requires technical knowledge, managerial skills and leadership qualities to deliver service.

While many Property and Facility Management professionals have technical skills or can easily access training and resources for technical issues, effective leadership, management and strategic skills and tools are increasingly important for Facility professionals in all roles to get results, get attention and get ahead while serving your organization’s core business needs.

Whether you manage a single building or a portfolio and whether you manage a corporate facility, government office, institution, retail, manufacturing or a commercial building, you have similar challenges and will improve your results with the techniques from this book.

You get 50 strategies, techniques and approaches you can use to improve results and build on your technical knowledge. They include checklists, forms, tools and ideas you can use immediately. They are all self contained and easy to read and reference, yet are assembled in specific areas. You don’t need to read it back-to-back. Use your limited time to focus on specific initiatives and benefit from the leading practices and ideas you need to get results. The main areas include Management & Leadership Strategic Management Communicating to Influence FM Systems Procuring Services / Outsourcing Managing Performance Customer Service Cost.

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Write To Influence eBook

Thinking Into The Corners ebook

Quick Guides for Managers

This new series is specially designed for busy or aspiring Managers. At around 100 pages each, these books deliver quick, easy to read techniques and approaches you can apply on the job to get better results.

Whether you are a manager or an aspiring manager, you’ll expand your skillset and learn techniques you can apply immediately to improve results from your staff.

You don’t have time to read long, comprehensive books on Management theory so this Quick Guides series covers one topic in each pocket sized book with a practical approach and clear, concise information. It’s written in an easy, accessible style you can get through quickly or refer to frequently.

You get easy access to key tips, suggestions, techniques and approaches that will help you improve how you manage staff, processes and resources.

Our first 2 books in the series are:

#1 Communicate to Influence

Communicating is about more than conveying information. It’s about influencing someone to follow directions, agree with your position, take action or approve your business case. Take what you think you know about communicating in your job and turn it on its head. You probably thought it was about being clear and concise so the recipient would understand it. If so, you’d be wrong.

#2 Thinking Into the Corners

Stop ‘Thinking Outside The Box’. It’s more likely to hurt you and your team than help you. When options are limitless, you’re likely to miss the obvious. Instead, stretch yourself and your staff to find the valuable solutions waiting in the corners.

These books are available on Amazon and other online retailers as well as in ebook format.

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Win More Business – Write Better Proposals

Written for Service Providers, this 246 page book is easy to read and reference while giving you critical techniques to improve the success of written proposals.

Whether you are an individual writing proposals or part of a business development team responding to RFP’s, you need to write clear, concise and compelling proposals that separate you from the competition and convince your client.

A clear strategy for winning is the foundation for everything else you do when developing a proposal response, but how you represent that strategy and the solution, evidence and benefits you bring to the client could mean the difference between winning and losing during the evaluation process.

This book starts off by looking at how to develop your strategy for a winning proposal and then shows you how a structure and write your proposal so it will be persuasive and compelling to your client. Developing a strategy for winning will give you the edge over your competition and translating your strategy into a written proposal that is compelling to your client is the key to a successful proposal. Simply put, winning means getting your client to choose your proposal over your competition.

Get the strategic techniques you need to change your proposals from simply providing information to delivering clear, concise and compelling proposals that differentiate you from the competition, persuade your client and win more business.

Learn from Michel’s experience writing winning proposals that resulted in billions of dollars in revenues. Get insider knowledge that’s based on his work with buyers developing RFP documents, conducting procurement initiatives, evaluating bid submissions and coaching evaluators.

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Also available on our website How To Win More Business.