About our Training & Development

We deliver both training and development services in Facility Management topics as well as other topics that Facility Managers should know to develop their business, strategy and leadership skills in the industry.

Training includes formal in-house and public training sessions as well as direct coaching. We also do facilitation to help you with initiatives and team development. We travel internationally and can provide our standard training program or develop a custom program for you.

Based in Canada, we provide training internationally.

About our Trainer

Our Principal, Michel Theriault, is a practitioner in Facility/Property Management with a track record successfully managing Facility and Property operations.

With his experience, he not only delivers instruction, he has examples for virtually every topic and can put the information in context for you.

His training experience is international, delivering training for major corporations in-house and for Facility Management resources at all levels.

Michel is accredited by IFMA to deliver the Facility Management Professional (FMP) designation course. He is also the Academic Coordinator for Ryerson’s Certificate in Facility Management.

“Mr. Michel is undoubtedly the most knowledgeable expert/instructor I have met. He made it very easy for us to connect the theory to reality by the examples he gave during the session.” – O.F.

“It is one of the useful courses I have attended in Facilities Management. Very informative instructor with practical experience” – A.A.

“Throughout the 3 days it brought stuff to the surface and gave great ideas to take back to the working environment. I have left with 70 points for consideration and implementation.” – T.S.

“Your workshop was absolutely Overwhelming. The workshop far exceeded my expectations and has been a tremendous learning experience. You have proven to me that the old saying that “old dogs can’t learn new tricks” is but a myth.  I have acquired a new skill set that will further enhance my career. You have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism in a unique learning environment” – H.

“Taking into consideration the people with different levels of experience and cultural origin it must have been quite a challenge holding it all together on this course so a pat on the back and “well done” are in order.” – DF

Why Training & Development?

  • Advance your Career
    With courses that deliver tools you can use to get results.
  • Learn Leading Practices
    By finding out how other leading Facility Managers are managing their facilities.
  • Add to your Achievements
    By demonstrating continuous learning in your professional field.
  • Connect and Network
    With your instructor and other participants. Get value from your colleagues experiences and expertise.

IFMA FMP Training (5 Day)

This is the course to take if you want your Facility Management Designation from IFMA.

Michel is an accredited IFMA instructor and has been teaching it around the world. It can be delivered as an in-house course. Just ask.

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Strategic FM Training (3-5 days customizable)

This is the training for you if you want to elevate your profession with strategies and techniques that build on what you already do. The topics can be selected to meet your specific needs and exercises can address current issues for you.

Michel has been teaching this course around the world in-house and public sessions. It is based on his IFMA Award winning book.

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Ask for information

Lets discuss your training needs

Whether you want training for yourself or your team, you can join a public training session or we can deliver the training in-house. Find out what training is available and get all the details you need to make your decision to advance your knowledge in Facility Management

Our Training & Development Listing

IFMA FMP Designation Course

IFMA FMP Designation Course 5 Day In-Class Condensed program Train your team –  ask us about in-house training. Want to Get Your FMP Designation?Find out where Michel is delivering the FMP course next and join the session or ask about having it delivered for your team in-house. Ask Michel Recognized around the world, IFMA’s Facility…

Strategic Facilities Management Workshop

Strategic Facilities Management Workshop From Maintenance to Management Getting Results needs a strategic approach to Facilities Management. This program builds on the fundamentals and shows you how to get better results through Strategic Facilities Management techniques you can apply in all aspects of your responsibilities at the local or regional / global level. You learn…


Personal Coaching

Coaching is a standard business approach to help managers and leaders with their development and with specific elements of their job. A confidential third party who isn’t invested in the organization’s politics or imbedded culture guides you or your staff through ideas and options with an un-biased, broad based view that helps you look at…

gteam development

Team Development for FM

Do you manage a team? If so, you need to create networking, cooperation and involvement within and between your team members. It will lead to the kind of improvements a good team can achieve over individual contributors. Your budget should include team meetings and perhaps a conference for your Facilities department every year or two.…


Team & Meeting Facilitation

Team Building & Problem Solving for your team meetings and conferences. Finding solutions,developing ideas, brainstorming or holding an annual staff session is easier with an external facilitator to draw out results and shephard discussion, giving your better value, less wasted time and full participation.

Writing and Communication for Facility Managers

Strategic Writing Workshop

Many FM and PM employees don’t have sufficient training in business writing skills. These skills are necessary to communicate clearly, influence decision making and persuade clients, colleagues and supervisors. While the mechanics of writing are important, an often overlooked skill is the ability to structure information in a clear, organized and focused method on paper so that it…

Strategic Presentations Workshop

Presentations are necessary to communicate clearly, influence decision making and persuade clients, colleagues and supervisors. While the ability to stand in front of an audience is important to deliver the message, a well structured, effectively prepared presentation that gets the message across clearly is a pre-requisite for successful presentations. This workshop provides techniques for preparing…