Coaching is a standard business approach to help managers and leaders with their development and with specific elements of their job. A confidential third party who isn’t invested in the organization’s politics or imbedded culture guides you or your staff through ideas and options with an un-biased, broad based view that helps you look at things more objectively.

As a coach, we are experienced in your profession and understands the industry and the approaches and issues experienced by others, providing you with insight you wouldn’t otherwise have available to you.

The coaching is customized to the needs of the individual or the group.  It can include coaching on professional and personal development, goal setting, management and leadership including many business skills needed for success, like communications, presentation skills, strategic plans or business cases as examples. Or it can simply deal with issues that require sober second thought and an un-biased catalyst for discussion, discovery and decision making.

Why Coaching?

It’s a commonly used tool for developing and retaining important staff, whether that’s you or members of your team.
It provides an external, confidential and trusted resource the provides stimulation and discussion around important aspects of development or issues.

What will we do?

Develop the specific program of coaching support and develop goals  with the individual or team, including the participants commitments to the process.
Follow a planned schedule for coaching as well as being available on an ad-hoc  basis to discuss and deal with specific needs as they arise.