Team Building & Problem Solving for your team meetings and conferences.

Finding solutions,developing ideas, brainstorming or holding an annual staff session is easier with an external facilitator to draw out results and shephard discussion, giving your better value, less wasted time and full participation.

Are you planning a conference or team meeting for your Facility Management staff ? It’s a great way to create networking, cooperation and involvement within and between your team members. It will lead to the kind of improvements a good team can achieve over individual contributors.

Do you have an issue or initiative you would like input, ideas and even consensus about before moving forward? If so, an outside resource can get the best results from a group meeting, whether it’s to find solutions, generate ideas or simply bring the team together.

As the senior member of the team, you can be involved directly in the exercise without having to manage the input, flow and contribution. This makes for a more open forum for your staff to contribute since a neutral yet experienced FM resource is facilitating instead of their boss.

With Michel, you get a facilitator with deep experience in all aspects of the Facility and Property Management function, adding credibility with your team and ensuring the guidance provided by Michel to the team during the group session is well grounded in the issues and interests of managing Facilities.

Why use Facilitation?

  • Facilitation is a practical, effective way to help you work with your team to develop solutions and ideas for implementation.
  • You can’t run a group session and fully participate at the same time.
  • A neutral facilitator is better equipped to draw out unbiased consensus from the team.

What will we do?

  • Help you frame the issue and set the agenda, including the purpose and the outcome you want.
  • Work with you to understand personalities, your team’s dynamics, pre-conceived notions and other barriers to consensus and work around them during the group session.
  • Provide a structured, planned process for your team to work through the issue, develop ideas, identify solutions and establish consensus.


With our Facility and Property Management experience in all aspects of managing facilities, facilitated sessions with FM Insight will get better results than if you have a facilitator not familiar with your business. Not only do we understand the issues and provide credibility to your staff, they will be able to relate better to our facilitation approach.

As a Facilitator, we will work with you to identify and focus on the purpose of the meeting, develop exercises and approaches to draw out the ideas and constructive comments that help you solve problems or shape future direction.We will also provide feedback and compile the results for you, minimizing your effort and maximizing your time.

We can also lead a short teamwork and team building exercise as part of the facilitation session to clearly demonstrate the value of working together and accepting everyone’s input.

Our operational, planning and implementation experience in addition to our industry experience and involvement is a valuable combination to help you get results from your event or meeting.

Your budget should include team meetings and perhaps a conference for your Facilities department every year or two. To get the best value out of your team meetings or conferences, you need to create ways for your teams to work together, develop solutions, create linkages and find common solutions.

At the same time, education, training and developing an enthusiastic and forward looking service culture with your team is important.

Give your team a boost while getting more out of your meetings with an international author and speaker in the Facility Management field. Michel can deliver a motivating speech on the real value, challenges and opportunities to make a difference for their company in a way that someone who hasn’t been in the trenches simply can’t.

He can also provide training in leadership, management and strategic aspects of FM, something that many team members don’t even realize are key to their role and their success.

And, if you are trying to find solutions, start a new initiative, implement changes or begin to develop your staff as a team, Michel can lead workshops or provide facilitation for you, providing neutral guidance and enable you to contribute without preventing your team’s open contribution.