Presentations are necessary to communicate clearly, influence decision making and persuade clients, colleagues and supervisors. While the ability to stand in front of an audience is important to deliver the message, a well structured, effectively prepared presentation that gets the message across clearly is a pre-requisite for successful presentations.

This workshop provides techniques for preparing effective, well structured slides and how to deliver in front of an audience. It uses real life examples and exercises that are tailored to Facility Management requirements.

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This is a workshop style seminar that provides instruction in a presentation and participation format using real-life examples that demonstrate the techniques. This is supported by exercises that provide practice and feedback on their progress.

Material Provided

Each participant is provided with the following educational material:

  • A copy of the workshop presentation material, complete with examples
  • A one page summary reference of the key material
  • A wallet size laminated reference card with Material / Preparation on one side and Public Speaking on the other side.


The 1 day workshop for up to 8 participants will include examples, in-class exercises and instruction in an open format focusing on Facility Management issues.

The workshop includes the following fundamental elements:

  • Demonstrate how to develop material that gets the message across and influences readers.
  • Review techniques, formats and Power Point design that supports presentation delivery and conveys effective information.
  • Discuss real-life examples of presentation requirements, discussing how to apply the techniques to achieve the results they want from the presentation.
  • Exercises to practice techniques and identify what can be done to improve their presentations.
  • How to prepare, including rehearsal, handouts, agenda, pre-presentation activities, etc.
  • Methods and techniques for delivering in front of an audience.


The workshop is designed for a maximum of 8 participants. Is preferable if they have the Strategic Writing Workshop in advance, but is not required.

Outcomes Expected

Participants learn how to develop presentation material that will convey their message effectively and provide effective support to their oral presentation. They will also learn how to deal with delivering the presentation to an audience by developing a 5 slide presentation and delivering it in front of their peers.

Workshop Fees

Please contact us to discuss details and workshop fees.