Writing and Communication for Facility Managers

Many FM and PM employees don’t have sufficient training in business writing skills. These skills are necessary to communicate clearly, influence decision making and persuade clients, colleagues and supervisors.

While the mechanics of writing are important, an often overlooked skill is the ability to structure information in a clear, organized and focused method on paper so that it is easily read and the main points are understood by the reader.

This workshop deals with both the mechanics and the structure of writing, with an emphasis on the structure and strategy for communicating clearly. No matter what your grammar and spelling skills are, this workshop can improve your writing.

The workshop uses real-life examples and exercises that are tailored to Facility Management requirements.

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This is a workshop style seminar that provides instruction in a presentation format with real-life examples that demonstrate the techniques. This is supported by exercises that provide practice and feedback on their progress and understanding of the material.

Material Provided

Each participant is provided with the following educational material:

  • A copy of the workshop presentation material, complete with examples.
  • A one page summary reference.
  • A wallet size laminated reference card with Structure on one side and Mechanics on the other side.


The 1 day workshop for up to 8 participants will include examples, in-class exercises and instruction in an open format with participant involvement focusing on Facility Management issues.

The workshop includes the following fundamental elements:

  • Illustrate the need for strategic, well structured writing, along with good and bad examples.
  • Demonstrate how to develop writing that gets their message across and influences readers.
  • Review structure and strategy techniques they can use to ensure their written words are easily seen and understood in a way that reinforces the message and purpose of the writing.
  • Discuss real-life examples of writing, showing how writing is improved by the structure and strategy techniques they are learning.
  • Exercises to practice techniques and illustrate how to improve their writing.
  • Review the mechanics of good writing, focusing on the key elements that will provide the biggest improvement for clear communication.

Outcomes Expected

Participants learn how to structure their written communication to convey important information, have an impact on their audience, influence decisions or persuade the reader to take actions they recommend. The participants will learn they can write effective material regardless of their spelling and grammar skills.

Workshop Fees

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