Even if you think you are doing everything right, how do you know unless you compare?

No organization is the best at everything and the same is true for yours. So, if you aren’t benchmarking, you can’t possibly be doing everything you should be doing.

Benchmarking is a form of measurement – where you measure against something else to see where you are lagging, identify the areas and take corrective action.  This can be external or internal benchmarking.

Going Beyond Standard Benchmarking

While numbers are a start, benchmarking isn’t just about comparing numbers. It’s a process to target problem areas, identify solutions and implement changes that improve results.

Intelligent benchmarking also looks at processes, resources and systems, comparing how other do it so you can learn and implement. It tells you whether your operations are as efficient and effective as possible and identifies things you can do to so you can  serve the core needs of your organization better.

What are the Benefits?

Taking Benchmarking one step further – from comparing numbers to evaluating practices – gives you the details you need to make changes and improvements in processes, resources and systems based on leading practices and other organization’s successes.

Benchmarking should be a learning process, not just a measurement exercise. You should effectively compare the results and then dig deep to understand what you can do differently. With Intelligent Benchmarking, you can sell your ideas and justify your initiatives.

  • Details support initiatives
  • Evidence and Facts sell
  • Results are compelling
  • Comparisons carry weight

Strategic Advisor’s Role

We develop the benchmarking approach, identify comparable organizations and implement data collection, including both numbers and practices as applicable. As a 3rd party, we can guarantee confidentiality for participants and get involvement that you may not be able to get.

Then we analyze the data and information, provide comparisons to your results and practices and make recommendations for changes and improvement. We can also help with business cases and implementation of initiatives coming out of the benchmarking process.

Independant, factual information from this process has a better chance of helping you develop, sell and implement new initiatives to improve results or perhaps validate your current operational approach.