Outsourcing Decisions and Implementation

Outsourcing can be a viable business model. Your organization may or may not benefit from outsourcing, however your success depends on effective analysis, decision-making and implementation.

We help you assess the benefits and identify the costs and risks of this important decision. The exercise can also help you identify what you can do internally instead of outsourcing.

Strategic Advisor can take you through a process that will either clearly demonstrate that outsourcing is a viable option, or identify changes internally that will achieve the results you need without outsourcing.

5 Phases for Success

  • Outsourcing Decision – A detailed review and a full understanding of the costs and benefits of outsourcing establish the best course of action.
  • Planning – This includes the stay-back-team, org. structure and interfaces, scope and methodology for sourcing and planning for transition.
  • Selection – Outsourcing is different from subcontracting. It needs a specific approach to maximize success and select the best FM provider.
  • Transition – This critical element includes change management, communication to all stakeholders, scheduling and planning activities and integration and coordination with existing providers and suppliers.
  • Performance & Assessment – It’s more than just putting KPI’s and SLA’s in place. As a complex service your company relies on, you need a proactive framework for managing performance along with follow-up audits to ensure ongoing success.

Making a decision about outsourcing requires a detailed assessment of your current operational perfromance, needs, costs, processes, risk areas and future requirements. It should also include measuring past and current performance and service levels, since these two key items can influence the overall cost of your outsourcing initiative.

Whether you are currently assessing your options or have decided to outsource and need to implement, we can provide support through a single phase or all phases of the initiative, depending on your needs, including working with you and your current provider to improve results.

Our Approach

Outsourcing is a business strategy you should consider, however it’s not automatically the best solution.

We help you assess the benefits and identify the costs and risks of this important decision. The exercise can help you identify what you can do internally instead of outsourcing.

In addition, the required scope needs to be established as well as the organizational, personnel, system and cultural changes that would be necessary to successfully transition to an outsource provider.

It should also include an assessment of the available outsourcing providers to validate that your needs can be met. Sometimes a stepped approach is necessary.

Strategic Support

Outsourcing is a business strategy, not simply an initiative. Our experience developing outsourcing requirements, transitioning large outsourcing contracts and providing outsourcing services gives you the strategic insight to make a fully informed strategic decision for success. We use our past experience and work with you to develop a unique solution to your issue rather than using a cookie cutter formula.

We analyze your situation to develop options that get you what you need. We understand the supplier side of outsourcing, which is key to your outsourcing success and provides valuable insight into how to successfully engage suppliers in the current market.

Practical Implementation

There is lots of theory around outsourcing, however as always, the real-world application and implementation doesn’t always follow theory. Our practical experience enables us to cut through the hype and focus on what outsourcing really is and how to make it work for you. There are no single answers when it comes to deciding and implementing an outsourcing initiative. Success comes from flexibility and understanding how different models and approaches influence results and behavior differently— and then matching this to your needs. With hands-on experience with a large integrated outsourcing provider, we understand the traps and the opportunities, what to focus on and what you shouldn’t spend time worrying about.

Strategic Advisor’s experience delivering both in-house and outsourced services, including implementation, will ensure your assessment of outsourcing as a business solution considers all the issues. Whether you choose to initiate an outsourcing contract or not, we can help make your organization more successful.