Managing performance is the most important thing you can do to improve your service and processes. If you don’t measure results, you don’t have solid management information that enables you to make decisions and improvements that lead to your success.

The problem is identifying the right measures that won’t drive the wrong behaviours and then effectively reporting, analyzing and acting upon the results.

Simply implementing measures and KPI’s won’t get you the results you need. A well developed Performance Management system that includes processes and management tools is critical to provide you with what you need to be successful.

Performance Management applies to the following:

  • In-house staff and systems
  • Subcontracted and out-tasked services
  • Outsourced services

The trend to measure performance was based on the increasing business strategy towards outsourcing. In order to ensure they got the service they needed, companies that outsourced implemented Service Level Agreements and Performance Measures (KPI’s) for their service providers.

Often, however, these are not well developed or implemented, resulting in either ineffective information or measures that don’t drive behaviours that match your objectives.

dashboard.gifWhile performance management for service providers is key, you should also consider implementing performance management for in-house staff and processes.

This will give you the same advantages as measuring a supplier, increasing performance and providing you with effective management information. This is often a good first step before making a decision to out-task or outsource, however should be done regardless of whether you intend to outsource.

Strategic Advisor’s experience, including many published articles on the topic, enables us to identify and implement measures that matter along with an effective performance management framewok while avoiding the traps that are inherent in measuring performance.

In addition, we can design and implement dashboards that provide you with polished, professional reporting using a dashboard approach as shown.