FM insight Research

FM insight has gained international presence and reach. This enables us to gather both straight forward and detailed research information through simple polls and more detailed surveys for the FM industry and for private clients, whether you are an FM or a supplier.

These polls and surveys provide insight into how your colleagues in the Facility Management profession do their work, get support, implement solutions or deal with problems.

Since information is necessary for good decisions and to influence others with facts and details, look closely at the insight the surveys and polls provide. If you have a particular need, be sure to contact us to see how we can help you.


Polls are always public and can be answered by anyone. They provide a great snapshot of simple issues very easily yet the results can be very useful. Sometimes they will identify an issue that more detailed research is needed to address.

Our Polls page has our open polls as well as older closed polls. In all cases, you can see the current results. You can contribute to the open polls only once.


Surveys are usually much more detailed than polls, ranging from a couple of question to a few pages of questions. We have two types of surveys, public and private. The biggest difference is how much information can be shared and whether the surveys can be filled in by anyone or by special invitation only. If you are interested in customer satisfaction surveys for your own occupants, we have a service specifically for that.

While most surveys are simply filled-in by participants, for some detailed private research, we will also conduct interviews to capture more nuances related to the topic.

Public Surveys

  • These are made available on our website and can be filled-in by anyone.
  • Invitations to participate are sent to target audiences.
  • They are made available in other places, such as LinkedIn discussion groups
  • Participants get results emailed to them after the survey is complete if they have provided their email information.
  • Non-participants will be able to see general results on our website.

Private Surveys

Whether you are in Facility Management or a supplier to the facilities / building industry, research can be very valuable to help you influence others within your organization, make decisions or simply provide information you can use for your own facilities or service operations or initiatives.

Since we are a third party and maintain strict confidentiality, we are able to gather information that you wouldn’t be able to. We also have a global reach and profile, so it is easier for us to find and target specific organizations that should be involved in research where a certain profile is needed, or to gather input from a wide range of organizations from our various channels.

We work with you to understand your purpose and then develop questions that will get the information you need. We also conduct interviews of targeted facilities organizations to gather more details and nuances as needed. Once the information has been compiled, we do analysis and segmentation so the results are developed in a way you can use to meet your goals.

Where the results are meant to support a business case, we can help you develop a compelling set of data and help you write an influential business case that gets support for your initiative.

  • These are usually by special invitation only for a client or for our own research.
  • In some cases, we target companies or individuals to invite where their profile meets the survey purposes.
  • We also may include people who have applied to participate for specific surveys where their profile is a match.
  • Participants get detailed results after the survey is complete.
  • Non-Participants may be able to see some general results on our website, depending on the research and the client.