Well structured Request For Proposals (RFP) get the best results for your contracting initiative. They are harder to develop than it seems, and often internal staff are too busy with other initiatives or are too close to the services to effectively develop the RFP’s. You end up living with your service contracts for several years at a time, so you want things to go smoothly.

We help you identify your goals and objectives, set a strategy that will meet those objectives, develop the process, the best questions, identify information you need to provide the bidders, establish service levels or output specifications, establish assessment methods and set performance management tools.

Our approach focusses on getting the service you need for your operations first and then getting the right price, not the other way around. You will live with the results, so it must meet your needs, not simply follow a rigid procurement process.

Our background and experience enable us to identify the right questions to ask the bidders to distinguish them from each other and clearly identify the superior bid.

We work with you or your procurement department to ensure you get what you need.

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