A Service Contract Review by an independent third party can help you ensure that you are getting the services you expect, that your contract documentation, including procurement, pricing, measurement and management, are delivering the best value and even establish the best approach for a renewal or re-bid.

Service contracts are not only a large part of your total costs, they can consume your time and effort and have a large potential impact on your risks, occupant satisfaction and successful stewardship of your assets. Are they set up to make it easier for you and to get service results you need?

The review isn’t designed to punish your suppliers, it’s a fair and un-biased audit and evaluation that helps you move forward and demonstrate your value in the organization.

What are the benefits of a Service Contract Review?

  • Determine whether you are you getting what you paid for and identify approaches .
  • Identify whether your contract, procurement and management documentation and processes be are delivering best value.
  • Prepare you for a renewal, negotiation or re-bid.
  • Provides you with due-diligence and an unbiased recommendations you can use internally if required to initiate changes.

What will we do?

  • Audit Service Delivery against specifications,  including deliverable, and identify gaps
  • Analyzed  contracts and specifications to identify opportunities to change them
  • Assess the procurement and pricing model and methodology to ensure they meet your ongoing operational needs.
  • Review and evaluate reporting, measurements, KPI’s and service management
  • Interview you and your supplier to identify collective issues and solutions
  • Provide a final report with recommendations you can use to make improvements.