We can design surveys and administer them through SurveyFM for any of your survey needs, such as:

• Customer / Tenant Satisfaction
• Employee Satisfaction
•Stakeholder Input for projects
• Opinion Surveys

Your surveys will be private and appear with your own branding. Our knowledge of the FM and PM industry enables us to develop better surveys to meet your needs.
The process is simple. We work together to develop the questions and options, using a number of different survey techniques, including drop down lists, ranking, matching and even importance scales.

You provide a file with names and email addresses and we send out special emails with your personal or corporate message, inviting the recipients to participate, along with a unique link for each participant. We can follow-up automatically at set times with any recipients who havent responded yet.

The process can also include an open link that you can use on your website or through other methods.

Our related consulting services are a useful companion to a survey initiative. We can work with you to analyze the results and develop action plans and communications back to participants after the survey is completed.

Surveys are easy to do and can provide you with valuable information you can use to make strategic decisions.

Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs. In the mean time, please participate in the public surveys and polls available through the menu.