Implementing Property Management and Facilities systems including CAFM, CMMS, Work Order management and Help Desks can sometimes be the single most important thing you can do to improve service, reduce costs and preserve your assets, including reducing future costs.

Delivering Information for Decision Making

Strategic Advisor is not affiliated with any software vendor and has extensive operational experience in large and small facilities portfolios. We understand the operational issues around implementing systems and that’s the focus we use when looking at systems – not from the software vendor side.

[inset side=”right” title=”Have a System?”]Even if you have a system already, we can help ensure it’s being used effectively, audit it’s functionality and assist you in analysing the information it produces and help you make decisions.[/inset]

Unfortunately, many systems are implemented without first understanding why you need it, what you will use it for and how it will integrate with the rest of your operations, including effective processes and training to ensure your staff buy-in and support the initiative. This includes recognizing the resources required, providing refresher training, auditing the system and the processes some time after implementation to make sure they are working as intended and making the appropriate changes.

The biggest problem is not establishing what information you really need and how you will use it to improve your operations. Built-in reports are often not enough. The information you get from your system is perhaps the most important feature along with better process management.

Using the Software Vendor or Software Consultants with ties to vendors will often short-circuit the important front-end process you need to do – before you engage the software company. This is assessing your needs, developing your list of requirements, integrating it with your current practices, staffing and resources and then seeking the system that matches. Another error is implementing just a software system. You need to implement a complete business process – the software is just one part. If you don’t, you are likely to fail.

These FM systems provide you with better processes, control over work activity and most importantly, information you can use to manage resources, make decisions about your operations and use to support and justify business cases and initiatives.

There are many different types of systems sold by a wide variety of system vendors and system consultants. These provide services such as Asset Management, Lease Administration, Help Desk services, Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance and Work Order management, Capital Planning, Financial Management, Chargeback and Project Management.

They provide services in Real Estate Management, Occupancy Management, Maintenance Management, Asset Management, Financial and Performance Management and Building Systems Management. There are many types and names of systems. These are some common examples:

  • Computer Aided Facility Management ( CAFM )
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System ( CMMS )
  • Computer Aided Facility Management ( CAFM )
  • Facility Information Management System ( FIMS )
  • Integrated Facilities Management System ( IFM S)
  • Building Automation Systems / Building Management Systems ( BAS / BMS )
  • Energy Monitoring & Control Systems ( EMCS )
  • Integrated Workplace Management Systems ( IWMS )

There is an impressive array of vendors and software consultants who provide these systems. They include Mainboss, Maximo, SewoodFM, FM System, OfficeSpace, Planon, Archibus, Maintenizer, Maintenance Connections, Megamation, Meridian Systems, Skire, Planon, Bricsnet, Accruent, Manhattan Software, Tririga, Archibus and many more. They range from single dedicated functions to fully integrated systems and from desktop based to server based to Web based access.

With Strategic Advisor’s extensive Facility and Property Management experience in all aspects of managing facilities, you get un-biased, experienced help developing your needs, managing the implementation and follow-ing up after implementation to ensure the system functions and is being used properly. Depending on where you are in the process, we can help you develop the business case to sell it to your upper management.