Communicating Environment and Energy Conservation

Energy conservation and environmental responsibility are important topics to building owners and managers, yet the challenge of getting occupants to buy-in to your initiatives and actually change their behaviours remains difficult.

Increasingly, individuals are seeing the messages in the media and making changes at home, yet they often have a difficult time linking it with things they can do at work.

Get Flexibility with Outsourcing

While cost savings remain one of the initial reasons companies hire an outsourcing company to provide managed services for non-core elements of their business, flexibility quickly becomes one of the most evident benefits. The flexibility comes from the secondary reasons companies use managed services: to focus on their core business, access to resources, world-class business processes, additional scope and improved scalability of the services.

Are you a Leader?

Are You A Leader? Leadership isn’t reserved for the CEO of your company. Whether you recognize it or not, as a facility manager, you are in a leadership role. To effectively provide facility services, you have to take on a leadership role in the many areas you touch upon daily, whether it’s a current matter…