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We provide a range of services and can design a service or scope to meet your specific needs. We provide a no-obligation consultation to discuss your requirements and see how we can meet your needs and get results for you. Please contact Michel to discuss your initiatives.

Our experience and approach lets you solve problems, get results and augment your resources. Getting outside expertise while focusing on your day-to-day responsibilities leads to success. Tap into years of proven Asset, Facility and Property Management experience to help you improve your efficiency and reduce costs.

Based in Canada, we are available Internationally.


About FM Insight Consulting Ltd.

Our Principal, Michel Theriault, is a practitioner in Facility/Property Management with a track record successfully managing Facility and Property operations.  As a consultant, he uses his extensive experience to help you implement your plans.

Michel has experience with large corporations and smaller companies ranging from in-house service delivery to subcontractor services to the largest Facility Management outsourcing provider in Canada. Michel is a long time IFMA member and holds the Real Property Administrator (RPA®) designation from BOMI and is LEED AP certified.

Why use a Consultant?

  • Efficient use of your resources
    We handle things so you can focus on your priorities.
  • Get an Outside View
    We bring objectivity and a broad range of experience to you.
  • Get Results Quickly
    We get things done on your timeline and to your satisfaction.
  • Value for Money
    You get the skills and experience you need only when you need them

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Lets discuss your consulting needs

Start your initiative and get the results you want. Improve Results with our leading practices and years of proven experience developing and implementing solutions for clients. Add our external resources to develop and implement initiatives while you focus on day-to-day issues.

Improve Efficiency

Improving Efficiency will help reduce costs and give you and your facilities or property team more time to deal with long-term issues instead of spending wasted time on inefficient processes, systems & issues.Read More »

Enhance Services

Enhancing Services for your facilities and real estate assets are important to your group as well as the core business of the organization you serve. Facilities are a key part of any organization’s success.Read More »

Reduce Cost

Lowering Total Costs and getting the best possible value from your Real Estate and Facilities is critically important with any organization and is one of your key responsibilities.Read More »
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Research & Surveys

FM insight Research FM insight has gained international presence and reach. This enables us to gather both straight forward and detailed research information through simple polls and more detailed surveys for the FM industry and for private clients, whether you are an FM or a supplier. These polls and surveys provide insight into how your…



  Even if you think you are doing everything right, how do you know unless you compare? No organization is the best at everything and the same is true for yours. So, if you aren’t benchmarking, you can’t possibly be doing everything you should be doing.


Service Contract Reviews

A Service Contract Review by an independent third party can help you ensure that you are getting the services you expect, that your contract documentation, including procurement, pricing, measurement and management, are delivering the best value and even establish the best approach for a renewal or re-bid.


FM Systems Implementation

Implementing Property Management and Facilities systems including CAFM, CMMS, Work Order management and Help Desks can sometimes be the single most important thing you can do to improve service, reduce costs and preserve your assets, including reducing future costs.


Workplace Strategy

Workplace strategy not only delivers efficient use of space and cost reductions, it also drives employee satisfaction and efficiency. Whether you’re about to make a major move or not, reviewing your current space allocations and usage, including the latest practices to accommodate a mobile, frequently out of the office workforce is a good idea.


Business Cases

Effective Business Cases that get the results you need are not easy. They take research, analysis and strategy, not to mention a well crafted and written document that gets the point across and influences your boss, board of directors, council, CFO and anyone else who has the ability to accept or reject your business case.

asset management

Asset Management Services

Asset Management delivers results by integrating all aspects of managing properties It provides overall management of the facility maintenance, capital planning, repair and replacement strategies, energy cost reduction strategies and more. It helps you develop a strategy to manage your facilities and maintain asset value, minimize costs and ensure your facilities serve your core business…


FM Assessments

Is your FM organization and systems giving you what you need? Are you up-to-date on the leading practices and what you could be doing differently? A review can help you fine-tune or completely revamp your organization and systems.


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning implies looking at the future, but most managers are so busy dealing with operational issues, personnel issues, customer service and the day-to-day facility requests and issues. If you want to improve or change your organization or your facilities and buildings, you need a solid strategic plan that maps the requirements, benefits, risks, issues…


Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction Surveys provide you with key information about your FM services to help you make decisions and improve services. Strategic Advisor develops and implements surveys for Facility and Property Managers. This includes Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Satisfaction surveys, Tenant opinion surveys and more.


RFQ / RFP Procurement

Well structured Request For Proposals (RFP) get the best results for your contracting initiative. They are harder to develop than it seems, and often internal staff are too busy with other initiatives or are too close to the services to effectively develop the RFP’s. You end up living with your service contracts for several years…


Customer Service

Customer service is just as important in an internal service delivery model as it is with externally facing services. It’s often even harder to achieve, however, and can have a significant impact on the customer satisfaction food chain, since what you deliver affects the productivity and success of those receiving your services.


Policies & Procedures

Consistent and effective results require well developed policies and procedures that not only meet the needs of the service, they are easy to understand and implement. The benefit of documenting them is to provide training material, consistency and an auditable process you can measure for performance.


Performance Management

Managing performance is the most important thing you can do to improve your service and processes. If you don’t measure results, you don’t have solid management information that enables you to make decisions and improvements that lead to your success. The problem is identifying the right measures that won’t drive the wrong behaviours and then…

Outsourcing Decisions and Implementation

Outsourcing Decision

Outsourcing can be a viable business model. Your organization may or may not benefit from outsourcing, however your success depends on effective analysis, decision-making and implementation. We help you assess the benefits and identify the costs and risks of this important decision. The exercise can also help you identify what you can do internally instead…

Survey Analysis and Action Plans

We can help you analyze the results of your survey and develop communciation plans and strategic action plans that will act on the results and demonstrate that you are proactive. Our experince and involvement with surveys and developing action plans together with our extensive Facility and Property Management experience will ensure you get the best…

Survey Development

We can help you develop survey questions that get the information you need to act on. Even if you don’t use our on-line survey tool, you can develop and administer surveys for a wide variety of purposes, including quality assurance, customer or tenant satisfaction, transaction satisfaction (i.e. work order or projects) and more.

On-Line Surveys

We can design surveys and administer them through SurveyFM for any of your survey needs, such as: • Customer / Tenant Satisfaction • Employee Satisfaction •Stakeholder Input for projects • Opinion Surveys Your surveys will be private and appear with your own branding. Our knowledge of the FM and PM industry enables us to develop…